Top 10 Best Mat Bags to Buy in 2021

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Without a doubt, carrying around your yoga mat can sometimes be uncomfortable. What’s more, it’s even more inconveniences when your yoga studio is far from your home. But all that has changed. With the new and improved yoga bags below, you will find it easy to move around with your yoga mat. We teamed up with our test lab to ensure that these mats are efficient and can hold their own against all elements. That is how we came up with the top 10 best mats to buy in 2021. Shall we get started?

1. Best Value Bag-Fremous Yoga Mat Bag

Fremous’ Tote was the most popular choice according to our test lab and with good reason. This amazing yoga bag features fun and well-designed patterns that will compliment any style. More importantly, the zipper runs all the way down so it’s quite easy to get your mat into the bag. On top of that, when we used the Fremous Yoga mat bag, we noticed that it was also roomy. The bag features extra pockets where you can place your credit card, a bottle of water and also your keys. This incredible bag has it all. What more would you ask for? One of our testers said that this bag is super durable and works great for a smaller mat. You will also get a 100% money-back guarantee hence you can easily give it a try.

2. The Best Tote Bag-Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag

Typically, yoga mat bags are designed as sling bags but the Gaiam yoga mat bag is a bit different in a good way. This bag works like the traditional tote bag which can be convenient to some yoga enthusiasts. That said, this type of bag is not for everyone. With enough room to fit your yoga mat perfectly, this tote bag also has extra room for your towel, bottle and any other accessories. However, mats that are more than 25 inches might be a little harder to fit into this bag. But if you have a bigger mat, then you should definitely check out Yogii Large Yoga Mat Bag .

3. The Best Sling Bag-FODOKO Yoga Mat Bag

This was our Top pick after subjected it to different tests in the lab. The FODOKO yoga mat bag comes with luxury details and durable canvas that strong enough to last you for years to come. The best part of it all is that it comes as a sling bag which makes it conveniently easy to unpack during your class. It also keeps your mat clean and protected from the weather even when you don’t use it. The yoga mat bag also features extra pockets where you can place your yoga accessories. FODOKO yoga mat bag comes in different colours which makes it ideal for all genders.

4. Best Hybrid Gym Bag-Forgun Yoga Mat Bag

The Forgun gym bag works for all type of workouts and not necessarily yoga. That’s because it has a spacious compartment in the middle for your gear and also has an external space for your bottle. Additionally, the yoga mat bag comes with exterior straps to hold your mat in place easily. This makes it convenient to pack your mat whenever you are in a hurry.

5. Best Yoga Duffle Bag-Kindfolk Duffle bag

This amazing bag is designed to fit your mat, blocks and even your yoga towel. It’s the best option for the experienced yogi. The Kindfolk duffle bag can comfortably accommodate a 25-inch wide mat. Meaning this bag works well with thicker mats since it has enough room inside. The best part about buying this mat is that the company donates $1 to a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to ending slavery. So, for every purchase you make, a dollar goes to a course that changes the world.

6. The Best Backpack-FODOKO Yoga Bag with Large Pockets

This is also another great design from FODOKO. The Bag comes in a sling design with incredibly large pockets. In most cases, sling bags can be really uncomfortable especially if you are going to ride a bike all the way to your class. However, that’s not the case with this design. The FODOKO yoga mat bag is evenly distributed to increased Comfortability on both of your shoulders. The bag also includes extra pockets for your towel, a bottle of water and other yoga accessories. The most outstanding feature of this sling bag is its incredible patterns that will compliment your yoga outfit.

7. The Best Cheap Bag- Mandala Yoga Mat Bag

If you are on a budget and still need something worthwhile, then you should go for this amazing yoga mat design. Even though it’s less expensive, the Mandala Yoga mat bag doesn’t compromise on its quality. The Mandala Indian Cotton bag is made with the best cotton fabric hence making it the best bag for a yoga class. The bag also features extra zipper pockets where you can carry your yoga accessories. However, you should remember that the bag is dry clean only. Additionally, the prints on this bag are crafted in an Indian culture which will compliment your entire outfit. It comes in different colours so you can pick one that best suits you.

8. The Best Multifunctional Bag-Xcellent Global Yoga Mat Bag

Lastly, we’ll take a look at the Xcellent Global yoga mat bag. This bag comes in a sling design. The bag fits most sizes of yoga mats with ease hence makes it the ideal bag for you. You can also get it in a range of different colours. On top of that, the Xcellent yoga mat bag features two extra pockets. One pocket is large enough to fit a bottle of water while the other one is small making it the best place to carry your towel. This bag is made out of long-lasting canvas hence it will serve you for many years to come. It’s also light and portable so you can easily carry it to your next class.

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