Smart Ways to Organize your Small Bedroom on a Budget

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Just because you own a small bedroom doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough space to get things organized. Most times you have to become a little creative and even more so when you have to do it on a budget. In case you are starting from the beginning with your bedroom makeover, then you should try all of these tips for organizing your bedroom on a budget.

1. Utilize Felt Hangers

Utilizing felt hangers is another great tip for organizing your bedroom without having to break the bank. Unlike wire or plastic hangers, felt ones make it impossible for your clothes to slip off. And since these hangers are slimmer, you can hang more clothes on them. They also come in different colors. Thus, they look much more attractive than plastic or iron hangers.

2. DIY Extra Closet Shelving

Your closet is not big enough for a system such as this. But you discover you have so much wasted space inside. Another excellent idea is to include an extra closet shelving. This is an easy do-it-yourself storage idea when it comes to organizing your bedroom since it helps to make use of wasted space. Furthermore, it is super budget-friendly. It is an inexpensive and fast DIY project that may take only an hour or less, even if you are an amateur. Also, it is all about using every last ounce of space whenever the need to organize your small bedroom on a budget arises.

3. Make Your Own Closet

There’s a closet in every organized bedroom. In case your bedroom does not have a closet, all you need to do is create one! In case you have got an empty nook or wall, come up with your own closet space. You can even run down the piping from your ceiling if you have to. This is also an important tip to consider if you desire to organize your small bedroom on a budget.

4. Make Good Use of Storage Space

In a bedroom with little obvious storage options, most times you could take advantage of vertical spaces to come up with your storage remedies. Although it isn’t a great idea to fill your small bedroom with too many boxes and shelves. It is vital to know some smart tricks if you wish to maximize space and organize your small bedroom on a budget.

5. Organize Your Drawers with Budget-friendly Dividers

Organizing your bedroom with dividers is a simple way of keeping those drawers full of underwear, socks and all your other items under control. No one desires a bedroom where your underwear are seen falling out of your drawer, stuffed in closets or even worse, hanging out of your drawers! In case your bedroom doesn’t have a closet, this becomes much more important as you have to create more space in your drawers.

6. Always Think Outside the Box Whenever it Concerns Nightstands and Lighting

Rather than using table lamps and traditional nightstands, attach a rectangular woven basket to the wall for housing your bedside essentials and also install sconces on your wall. It is budget-friendly and also works like magic. And you won’t have to get anxious about all the clutter that often comes with having a big nightstand to start with.


Your bedroom is the place you retire to every night after a hectic day. If you leave it decluttered and unorganized with your stuff floating on every side, you will tend to feel irritated when you come back home to rest. Therefore, it is important to always make sure your stuff is well-organized and properly stocked. Remember! Organizing your bedroom doesn’t have to eat so much into your bank account. All you need do is put these tips on organizing your small bedroom on a budget into use.

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