New Plants Trend in 2021 for Beautiful Home gardens

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Home gardening activities for 2021 are primarily focused on making the most of what you have. And also for creating spaces suitable for all involved – local wildlife, gardeners, and the universe as a whole. Expect to see more unconventional and eco-conscious plants in home gardens for 2021, according to the horticultural professionals at Los Angeles University. Below are some of the hottest and newest plant trends for a beautiful home garden in 2021.

1. Native plants

Plants are known to be native to your area in case they occur there naturally. “One home gardening trend in 2021 is residents asking about and looking for native plants that work well in their home gardens,” said Lauretta Parker, urban horticulture agent for St. Lucie County UF/IFAS Extension.

2. Plants for wildlife

Home garden plants that attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators are getting more attention in 2021 for the positive environmental impact they make. Hence, if you desire to enhance your beautiful home garden, plants for wildlife are a trend you should consider.

3. Dwarf varieties

Individuals without enough home gardening space are opting for dwarf plant varieties. This trend is becoming more popular in 2021 as people are looking for their most loved garden plants in smaller sizes. So, if you don’t want to be pruning always but still need a nice permanent home garden shrub feature, dwarf plant varieties are what you should go for.

4. Edible plants

Ornamental vegetables, fruit-bearing plants, and edible flowers are best for adding taste and style to your home garden; and this is why they are becoming famous in 2021. People are becoming more interested in utilizing edible plants to be more sustainable. This is because you get the double benefits of owning a beautiful home garden that looks nice and also provides healthy and nutritious food.

5. Succulents

Although cacti and succulents have long been renowned low-maintenance plants, consumers are searching for fewer similar varieties. In 2021, people are discovering the enormous variety in the world of succulents, thus you also need to give these plants a try in your home garden. Their growth habits and interesting shapes seem to offer an amazing form of living art for your home in general.

6. Novel greens

More and more vegetable home gardeners are looking for ways to diversify their front and backyard with leafy greens commonly nurtured outside the U.S. such as bok choy, mizuna, and komatsuna.

7. Disaster-free plants

The increasing intensity and frequency of natural disasters in recent years have made several people rethink what they grow in their home gardens. Most people are unwilling to grow trees near their homes after being aware of the damages done by hurricanes in previous years. Thus, as a home gardener, you should always make sure you opt for plants that won’t cause any form of damage to you or your house in times of disasters such as a hurricane.

Final Remark

Before growing a beautiful home garden, it is essential you know the plants that are trending in 2021. From native plants, plants for wildlife, dwarf varieties to re-wilding gardens, edible plants, succulents, novel greens, and disaster free-plants, you now have an idea of what is trending in 2021 for your home garden.

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