Latest Kitchen Design Trends in 2021

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2021 is best celebrated with a refresh in all areas of life. And what better place to start than in your most private spaces, like your kitchen. You may ask “Why do I need to follow trends?” Well, kitchen designs typically outlive their time in the spotlight. There are recent designs that are more attractive and convenient for your cooking activities.

Below are some of the latest kitchen designs which are trending in 2021:

1. Dark Designs

Mostly ignored as virtuously an ‘accent’ color, cabinetry, black walls, and dark wall surfaces are becoming more famous in 2021. Black has become livable, and attractive. With dark textured wooded designs, you can be sure of adding homely and a cool charm in your home.

2. Handleless Cabinets

The most recent modern kitchen designs are all about a free-flowing and multi-tasking design that comes with a paired-back look. With technological advancement in push-open and close doors, it has become possible to opt for base and wall cabinets without handles.

But in case you choose not to have push-open cabinets, then you can use recessed handles that provide a similar sleek look. And this could be lined with contrasting materials and colors to add interest.

3. Quartz

For high-quality kitchen countertops, quartz is still very popular. The material is very hard and can literally last forever. It has anti-microbial properties and it is very easy to maintain. Granite, which is the major competitor in high-end kitchens, slightly requires more maintenance, thus making quartz a more preferred option.

When quartz countertops initially came into the market, the primary problem was the lack of different colors and finishes. However, as time went on, courtesy of technological advancement, manufacturers have been able to provide diverse colors to select from. Also there are other realistic stone patterns that make quarts one of the latest kitchen designs trends in 2021.

4. Ceramic Tiles

Hardwood flooring is still very renowned when it concerns flooring your kitchen. However, ceramic flooring, which is the second most renowned option, is about to get more attention. With recent advances in technology, ceramic flooring now comes in different sizes, designs, and styles.

For instance, you can get ceramic tiles that are similar to hardwood flooring. Hence, in case you wish to retain your hardwood look but want a material that is easier to maintain instead, then you should consider utilizing ceramic tiles kitchen designs.

5. Natural and Ambient LED Lighting

Natural, task and ambient lighting are also one of the latest kitchen design trends in 2021. In your cooking space, you can use a combination of natural and ambient lighting to make your kitchen space ideal for both entertainment and cooking.

Note the smart utilization of LED light in your upper cabinets. This goes a long way in drawing attention to the cabinetry while also adding an appealing lighting effect.

Final Remark

The joy that comes with having your kitchen design with the latest design trends is unexplainable. Therefore, to keep up with the best kitchen designs, we recommend you take these latest kitchen design trends in 2021 into consideration and make your kitchen up-to-date.

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