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When it comes to workout headphones, you will be surprised at how they can easily fail at doing two simple jobs. One, playing music decently and staying intact in your ears. These are two things that can kill your workout vibe very fast even before you realize it.

After a few bad experiences with every workout headphone /wireless headphones I bought, I had almost given up on spending my dollars on headphones that would eventually disappoint me. If they didn’t konk out after a long morning run they would fall off with every step that I took. And there’s nothing that can get to your nerves like having to adjust your headphones every 5 minutes.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get some good workout headphones. Actually, with adequate research, you will be surprised at the many models that would be willing to change the story for you.

In my search for headphones that would finally suit my needs, I came across the Koss Fit Clip Headphones. These are a wired pair of headphones for under $20 that comes with some functional ear hooks to keep them in place when you are working out.

where to buy :- Koss KSC32i GRY Sport Clip Headphones, Grey  Amazon.com

Features of Koss Fit Clip Headphones and their Benefits

1. Soft Flexible Clips

Koss headphones come with soft and flexible clips that rest on your ear comfortably. Actually, you wouldn’t believe it if I told you that these earbuds are still going strong two years later.

This pair of headphones has maintained the quality of service through the hot summer, the brisk spring runs, and the sub-freezing weather in winter. Throughout all these adverse environmental conditions, the earbuds have maintained their integrity.


Also, the fact that this pair comes with a sweat-resistant design, it means that it can withstand all adversities. In fact, this pair of headphones outlasted all other cheap brands of headphones that I’ve ever owned.

2. Affordable Price Point

The Koss Clip Fit Headphones is a pair that you will get at a very affordable price tag. But what really impressed me is not the price rather the quality of sound it offers you. We can all agree that good quality and affordable is not something you will get I’m the market any other day.

Also, the headphones come with a really nice fit. If you are used to the typical earbuds that fall off every one minute, you will love how comfortable and well-fitted the Koss Clip Fit Headphones feel in your ears.


3. They come in a unique over-the-ear style

Another impressive thing about these workout headphones is the fact that it features an over the year combo and a wide range of differently sized inserts. This means that you can choose the best fit for you. That way, you will reduce any unnecessary adjusting and fidgeting when you are going about your workouts.

Also, the headphones are comfortably tucked under the ears. Thanks to the secure hooks, you will be guaranteed that they are secure and comfortable enough. Therefore, you can work out for long hours without having to worry about losing them on the tracks or falling off unnecessarily. You can run for up to 10 miles comfortably with these headphones.


4. You will love the one-touch microphone

Sometimes you may need to either answer calls or control your device when working out. Well, it’s your lucky day as the Koss Fit Clips Headphones come with a one-touch microphone that makes everything much easier. This is an essential feature that makes sure you don’t have to get your phone out of your pocket to probably change music or receive a call.


5. You don’t have to worry about charging

Unlike the wireless headphones, which most people understandably like by the way, with the Koss Fit Headphones you don’t have to worry about having enough charge or having to charge them after every few hours.

The wireless options are great for the workout too. But, for me, it comes with more stress like losing one of your AirPods. That’s definitely something I’d never want to go through.


6. It comes in a wide range of colors

The best thing about having electronic accessories is being able to choose the ideal color that speaks more about your personality. I’d never want to stick with some green headphones as that’s not my favorite color.

That said, this is not an issue with the Koss Fit Headphones. They come in a wide range of colors that you can consider. From violet to blue, coral, and gray. You have the choice to go with any color that pleases you. How I’d love to get the violet for my best friend now that I got the blue ones.


Pros of the Koss Fit Clip Headphones

  • They are a perfect fit pair of headphones
  • You will love the unique and original design
  • They feature an efficient sweat-resistant coating for users who are active
  • You will get unmatched durability at an affordable price
  • The wide range of the ear cushions make sure everyone gets earbuds that fit well
  • The headphones are available in a range of vibrant colors
  • They are ultra-light
  • It blocks background noise which is great if you’d like to use them in a noisy environment


Cons of the Koss Fit Clip Headphones

  • Most of the customers have complained about the durability of the Koss Fit Clip Headphones
  • A few more customers had an issue getting the perfect fit for their ears buds
  • Some customers also complained that they had a hard time keeping the headphones in place when working out.

Final Remark

Well, if you have been looking for a pair of headphones that you can use when working out without hurting your ears, The Koss Fit Clip Headphones have it. This pair is pretty affordable and that doesn’t compromise on the quality of sound it offers.

The most important thing when it comes to workout headphones is comfort and functionality. These headphones give you just that and a little more. 

About Koss headphones

  • Brand:- Koss
  • Color:- Gray
  • Connectivity Technology:- Wired
  • Model Name:- KSC32i
  • Form Factor:- In Ear
  • Frequency Response:- 15-25,000 Hz and Impedance – 16 ohms


where to buy :- Koss KSC32i GRY Sport Clip Headphones, Grey  Amazon.com

NoteProducts with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

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