Kitchen Cabinet Designs and Trends in 2021

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Do you wish to enhance the appearance of your kitchen with beautifully-design cabinets? Then you should consider these new kitchen cabinet trends.

Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of any kitchen remodel. Typically, kitchen cabinet design consists of everything from your kitchen layout to the finishes and materials you use in completing the appearance of the cabinet.

In case you are searching for ways to renovate your entire kitchen, you might want to go through these kitchen cabinet trends in 2021 before starting your project.

1. Grey-painted Kitchen Cabinets

It seems like grey is here to stay. Renowned as a kitchen wall and flooring color, this multipurpose and neutral color adds a sophisticated feel to your kitchen cabinets. It provides you with a unique and awesome kitchen cabinet design.

2. Dark Matters

Whenever it comes to color, dark, deep, and even black cabinets are sure to make an essential impact in your kitchen. While all-dark kitchens remain popular, a mixture of black cabinets with related hues and other contrast countertops are another means of stylishly guiding your kitchen to the dark side.

3. Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands add additional seating and workspace to your cooking space. However, they could also create brand new opportunities for attractive cabinet designs in your kitchen.

4. Softer-toned and Warmer Woods

Wood cabinets are everlasting, creating an eye-catching contrast to shiny appliances. However, not all kinds of wood create the same feel or look. This year, more kitchen cabinets have softer-toned and warmer woods such as oak and ash.

5. Open Shelving

In 2019, open shelving kitchen cabinet designs were on the rise. As individuals look for more space-saving opportunities for smaller kitchens, cabinet doors have become less desirable. And more industrial kitchen open shelving is being utilized.

At some point, we all sought to store our kitchen supplies in any cabinet or drawer we could. Now, people are showcasing their items as decorations with the use of open shelving.

6. Open Frame Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet doors with open frames are great middle-ground existing between traditional cabinets and open shelving. They have glass panels that display the items inside your kitchen.

Traditionally, all kitchens have a few of these to showcase fine barware. However, people are now utilizing these kitchen cabinet designs for everyday use. These kitchen cabinet designs match well with bright kitchens; as the illusion of an open space enhances the openness of brighter, larger kitchens.

7. Transitional Styling

Transitional styling is the one true home décor that doesn’t go out of style. Dabble in modern elements without going too far from the warmth of a traditional kitchen cabinet design.

It could be the mixture of natural stone-look tiles with shiny white walls. And 60’s style sofas or a match between modern leather, wood wainscoting, and glass furniture. Whenever it comes to kitchen cabinet designs, transitional styling isn’t a newbie. It has become the mainstay.

Final Remark

Hopefully, this article has been able to enlighten you on the kitchen cabinet design trends in 2020. Thus, if you plan on getting cabinets for your kitchen or giving your kitchen cabinets a new design, it is suggested you carefully take these cabinet designs into consideration.

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