Ideal Culinary Herbs to Grow in Small Spaces

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There is no better way to bring flavours to your dishes than to add fresh herbs. However, these herbs can be very expensive to buy at the grocery stores as they are not always in season all year round. While you could opt for the dried herbs, they just don’t deliver the same profile of flavours as the fresh herbs.

The good thing is, you just need a small space to get started on growing your favourite fresh herbs. Also, if you have an issue with space in your garden, you need not worry as there is a selection of herbs that you can choose and they require very little space. These herbs will be easy to grow and you will be able to easily pair them with different recipes.

That said, these are some of the easy-to-grow culinary herbs that will help you get started.

4 Easy-to-Grow Culinary Herbs for Small Spaces

1. Basil

This is one of the easiest herbs to grow and also the most versatile. And that is why it is on top of the list. All you need are some windowsills or a small pot and you will be able to enjoy fresh basils throughout the year.

Basil makes great dinner salads and can also be incorporated in a couple of recipes. You can also get more creative and grow some purple basils in a pot. This will be ideal in making the delicious and beautiful purple basil jelly.

2. Coriander

This is a double-duty herb that will come in handy when making most recipes. It is a staple in Mexican cooking and also a very key ingredient when making salad greens. Also, it can be used in a range of marinades for chicken, beef, pork and vegetables.

The best thing is that this herb is very easy to grow. You can extend the growing and harvesting period by keeping it in cooler areas and also ensuring it is plucked down. However, you need to know that eventually this herb will still bolt and form some lacy flowers.

3. Rosemary

Although you can start your rosemary seeds on your own, most people prefer picking small plants from their local garden centre. These plants need to be grown indoors during the cooler weather. However, you need to keep the plants moist and also place them at the window especially one that has good southern exposure.

Rosemary is very delicious especially in marinades of beef, chicken and pork. Also, they are a great addition to freshly roasted potatoes. The best thing is that rosemary also has a very beautiful decorative appeal. This adds structure to your herb garden.

4. Thyme

This is a very classic culinary herb that can be very easy to grow. Fresh thyme herbs are incorporated in many cuisines as they add a very distinctive flavor to meat-based dishes. On the same note, it tastes amazing in soups and stews as well.

You can also give lemon thyme a try as this will add a unique citrusy taste to your dishes. Thanks to the herbs unique growing habit, it looks beautiful when grown to other taller herbs in the garden like rosemary.

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