Essential Gardening Tools for Small Gardens

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It’s not easy trying to write on your notebook without a pen, right? I mean, where would you even start? Well, the same case happens when it comes to gardening. The most important part of gardening is having the right equipment even before you contemplate of having a garden in the first place. These equipment will save you the job of having to do all the work by hand. Without a doubt, any experienced farmer will tell you that it’s much easier to grow your fruits with the right equipment. However, the type of gardening tools you need will depend majorly on the scale and type of gardening you are planning to do. With that in mind, when you are planning to work on a lot of ground level beds, then the best tools to have are shovels which will help you in digging, moving piles around and edging. Additionally, you will need a hoe that will manage to keep the mulch at bay and an axe to break any tough soils you might encounter. When all is said and done, you will need a wheelbarrow to move your mulch or any other material to the garden. With time, these tools will grow on you and they will be able to suit your specific gardening style. But, on the other hand, if you have a small farm, then your choice of gardening equipment will defer. Let’s take a look at the right gardening tools for small gardens.

Collection of Gardening Hand-Tools

When dealing with a small garden, you will need short-handled gardening tools for hand planting and other small digging tasks. That said, there are several types of gardening tools in the market. Some of the examples of tools you could use include:
  • Short-Handled Trowel: this is an indispensable tool that works for any garden. Remember to look for a trowel that has a pointy tip. This makes it easy to transplant your seeds and also dig out stubborn weeds
  • Three-pronged cultivator: this tools is equipped with three rake-like prongs capable of loosening soil and also burrowing the soil in a uniform fashion. Additionally, this tool can be used to help root out shallow weeds
  • Transplanter: this is the best plant when it comes to transplanting trees. It makes work easier to transplant small plants. More to that, some transplanters have gradation makes that will help you anticipate the depth when transplanting your plant.

Wearing the right gardening clothes

Even though gardening is relaxing and in most cases fan, it’s still a ‘dirty’ environment. With that in mind, every gardener is typically prone to insect bites, stepping onto sharp objects and even cuts. So, it doesn’t matter how small or big your farm is; having the right gardening clothes is essential. To begin with, you will need a set of protective gloves and footwear. So, when you are looking for gardening gloves, ensure you find a pair that will fit perfectly into your hands. This will offer protection from sharp objects and thorns in the farm. In addition to that, you will also need a pair of durable and comfortable boots in case you are going to do some digging in your farm. Finally you will need a good hat to protect you from the scorching sun outside.

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