Best Pasta Makers for Your Kitchen in 2021

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If you ask anyone who loves pasta, they will tell you their favorite thing about it is that they are fast to make. This is quite the deal especially if you need to fix a quick meal after a long day at work. However, you’ll love your pasta even more if you make your own dough.

There’s no denying this requires a lot of time and patience. But the best thing about making your own dough is that you can customize it to fit your dietary preferences. Also, there’s always something unique about freshly made pasta dough. It has a lighter and softer texture as compared to the pre-packaged pasta.

Also, your homemade pasta dough tends to cook faster. But in case you are wondering, you need just a few ingredients and you’ll be good to go. Flour Salt and some eggs are just about everything you need.

Making your pasta is going to be even more fun with a pasta maker. That is because it allows you to roll your dough into very thin sheets then cut them into noodles that have the exact level of thickness. That said, this article will be aimed at analyzing the best pasta makers in the market that you can consider. There’s something for everyone.

Which is the Best Pasta Maker in the Market?

When shopping for pasta makers, you will realize that there are manual or electric pasta machines that you can choose from. Most of the models will include a combination of the pasta roller and cutter as well as the pasta extruder. That said, here are a few models that you can choose from depending on your needs.

1. The Best Overall Pasta Maker: Imperia Manual Pasta Maker Machine

Since 1932, Imperia is a brand that has been making pasta makers in Italy. They have the best pasta makers in the market that are made of chrome-plated steel that is of high quality and has no aluminum in it. This means that your pasta maker will serve you for a long time without any disappointments.

In addition to that, the pasta maker features highly polished edges. Also, it comes with a wooden handle that gives you an easy grip. The pasta maker is also heavy-duty and durable. Some of the things you’ll love about the pasta maker are that it comes with a metal plate that feeds the pasta into the roller easily. Also, it comes with a six setting roller that is easily adjustable with one hand.

2. Best Affordable Pasta Maker; Pasta Maker Deluxe Set

This pasta maker has so much resemblance with the Imperia one. The only differences are that it is made with aluminium which makes it lighter and cheaper. While it’s not as polished and high end as the previously discussed model, it still gives you great services. You can try out the numerous attachments it comes with.

The attachments will help you make your own pasta dough without having to dig too deep in your pockets. One of the best things about this pasta maker is that it gives you 9 pasta thickness settings via the pull and rotate the knob. Most people prefer this pasta maker because it comes at an affordable price and this doesn’t compromise the quality of services you get.

3. Best for the Beginners; Hamilton Beach Electric Pasta Maker

Are you looking for a pasta maker to use during your first time making pasta dough? Worry no more as this will be the best choice for you. This is a pasta maker that will not only make the dough for you but also extrude it once it is well-formed. The other great thing about this pasta maker is that it comes with an internal scale that helps you to measure the ingredients.

The fact that it comes with 7 separate dies, you can make seven diverse types of pasta. These dies can be easily stored in the bottom drawer of the pasta maker. It also comes with a digital control panel that’s very easy and convenient to use. With this pasta maker, you will be able to make two or three servings in less than 15 minutes.

4.     Best Selling Pasta Maker; Marcato Design Pasta Machine

If you love some high-quality steel on your kitchen appliances, this is just the pasta machine for you. This is a model made in Italy. It features a 10 thickness setting that will give you the versatility you need in making your pasta. You will love the fact that you can easily adjust the settings just by pulling the knob then rotating it to your preferred setting.

The best thing about this pasta maker is that you can get up to 13 additional pasta accessories. This includes a motor that will help you transform the pasta machine to an electric pasta maker. Also, it comes in different colours which makes it easier to choose the colour that will match your kitchen décor.

5. Best Automatic Pasta Machine; Philips Compact Pasta Maker

This is the best pasta maker that you can have in your kitchen. Although it might seem like it has a small footprint, it is capable of making at least two or three servings of pasta in 18 minutes or less. More to that, it comes with a see-through compartment that allows you to keep a close eye at the dough when it’s making. This way you will know when the dough is ready.

You will love the three dies it comes with. That is because you can make either spaghetti, penne or even fettuccine. A great addition to this model is the recipe book that teaches you how to make different types of pasta with ease. The best aspects of this model are that you can add liquids to the compartment without having to worry about any overflows. All thanks to the long slits that it has at the door, liquids can only pass through bits by bits.

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