7 Best Commercial Carpet Cleaners & Extractors in 2022


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Commercial carpet cleaners are very useful in our offices and industrial space. Yea you don’t have to go through manual cleaning that would last for many hours and may not end up with their beautiful look and appeal. That’s why technology has made it easier for you, especially if you’re new to professional carpet cleaning or you want a more effective option for commercial duties. So here we will help you by showing you the best commercial carpet cleaners in the market in 2022.

Yea, choosing from the hundreds of products in the market is no walk in the park. You can get confused and end up with a less-efficient option if you’re not properly guided. So not to worry, we will show you the best out of the list of the bests, including their unique features, their advantage, and their disadvantages.


How we selected the best commercial carpet cleaners in 2022

Best commercial carpet cleaners & Extractors in 2022

    • Bissel Big Green 86T3 Carpet Cleaner
    • EDIC Galaxy 2000 Carpet Extractor
    • Hoover Smartwash FH52000
    • Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3
    • Mytee Lite II 8070 Carpet Extractor
    • Bissell Big Green BG10 Professional Carpet Cleaner
    • Detail King Durmaid Detailer 1700 Heated Carpet Extractor

How we selected the best commercial carpet cleaners & Extractors in 2022

We interviewed commercial business contacts and compiled online reviews from many professional carpet cleaners and come up with the best options in the market. The major factors we considered (which you should also consider) when choosing the best commercial carpet cleaners include:

  • Portability: A professional cleaning of an office or industrial space requires lots of movements, and the portability of the cleaner is a critical factor a lot of people are considering. Yes, some can be used in homes, when it comes to professional cleaning services, you should consider portability. That’s why we considered the best light units that are easy to move with large wheels to work on shag carpets.
  • Tank Capacity: Commercial cleaning services usually involve lots of space, and the tank size is a major factor to look at when making your choice of carpet cleaners. Although options like the commercial carpet spot cleaner carry 1-2 gallon tanks, still you need appliances with larger tanks for full carpet cleaning.
  • Pressure: The pressure of the machine is also a critical factor that determines how much quantity of the solution it can spray. More so, the pressure determines how far the solution can penetrate. So we also checked how much pressure the cleaners have to know the best with higher pressure for deep cleaning shag carpets.
  • Vacuum power: We also looked at the drying time of the commercial carpet cleaners, which is a function of the vacuum power. We selected options with a stronger vacuum to recover water and save more time. However, you should be prepared to handle the cost.
  • Warranty: Lastly, we also looked at appliances with a good warranty. We looked at the review of customers to see if the company honors the agreement they make on their product.

Best Commercial Carpet Cleaners in 2022

So now, we are going to show you a list of the best carpets cleaners for commercial purposes that you can find in the market in 2021.

In no particular order, check them out below:

1. Bissel Big Green 86T3 Carpet Cleaner

Bissell is widely appreciated as one of the best producers of commercial carpet cleaners. This Big Green 86T3 is a professional device that is easy to store. Its anti-dip design makes it ever upright. More so, it has a 10.5” cleaning path, which makes it suitable for cleaning around furniture.

The 1.75-gal tank is an attractive quality of this commercial carpet cleaner. It allows you to clean large areas at a time without stopping to refill. Coupled with the suction, the rotating brush ensures it touches all deep regions and eliminates all dirt. All you do is push and pull

Also, this carpet cleaner has a 9-ft hose that makes it perfect for cleaning stairs and upholstery. The cleaner has Scotchguard protection which helps for protecting against future stains.


  • The power brush system helps for clearing dirt faster
  • The handle is foldable for easy storage
  • It is cost-effective
  • It cleans in both directions, thereby saving time and energy.


  • It does not come with a water heater
  • It is heavy

Overall comment: The Bissell 86T3 is handy and excellent for both office and home cleaning. This machine removes stains and deeply embedded dirt, and it protects your carpet from damage.

2. EDIC Galaxy 2000 Carpet Extractor

This carpet extractor functions effectively even under the most extreme duress. It is constructed with the most durable materials and has dual 2-stage vacuum pump motors. This feature makes the EDI Galaxy carpet extractor so valuable because it can produce 150 PSI with 150” water lift.

More so, this extractor has two separate holding tanks, one 12-gallon for cleaning solution, and one 11-gallon for recovery. This allows the operator to clean a large area or space without having to stop to refill and empty.


  • The body of this extractor is constructed with polyethylene materials
  • It is capable of producing 500 PSI
  • It is equipped with a detachable 25’ suctioning hose
  • It has four wheels for easy maneuverability
  • It has on-board dual 2-stage vacuum pump motors
  • Its design supports a quick and easy refilling technique
  • It comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • The heater is bought separately
  • It does not come with a carpet cleaning wand, but it can be bought separately.

Overall comment: The EDIC Galaxy 2000 is easy to use. The 5000 PSI version is highly efficient for commercial purposes plus it comes with an external heater.

3. Hoover Smartwash FH52000

The Hoover FH52000 is highly demanded in the market because it has many features and functionalities that make carpet cleaning easier.

First, it comes with a powerful motor that makes recovering dirty water as easy as taking off your wristwatch. It has roller brushes, and the long bristles work on any kind of surface. More so, this carpet cleaner includes a crevice unit, a stair tool, and the spin scrub attachment, which works together to increase the versatility of the machine.

However, the beauty of this cleaner is smart tech features. It has an auto-clean and auto-dry which combines the effect of suction and dry hair. It also includes an auto-mix feature that excludes the stress of measuring and manually mixing the solution.


  • It has a long hose and powerful suction for better reach
  • It has fewer triggers for easy usage.


  • It comes with a small tank, which increases the filling and emptying period.

Overall comment: The Hoover FH52000 is a smart and effective unit. It works for offices and comes with a smart-tech feature. And you can also use it for cleaning residential houses.

4. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

The Rug Doctor is one of the best commercial carpet cleaners that are very useful for office cleaning. It is well-built, very cost-effective, and has a complete pet pack. You can opt for this option if you are looking for a cheap industrial carpet cleaner that serves many useful functions.

The pet pack contains a pet formula carpet cleaner, a urine eliminator, and an upholstery tool. You can also use it for household cleaning, considering the cost and the pet pack, which is handy in offices.

The Rug Doctor also has a large two-tank system that holds both clean and dirty water. You can use this carpet cleaner for cleaning large areas. The handles are customizable and depending on your height, you can set it between 32.5” and 36.5”.


  • It is powerful with a customizable handle
  • It is reasonably cheap
  • It is durable and the brush moves from side to side to protect your carpet from damage.


  • It is not free on shag carpets
  • It is bulky

Overall comment: You can use it for commercial settings and rent it out to homeowners. It is powerful but easy to use.

5. Mytee Lite II 8070 Carpet Extractor

The Mytee Lite has a broad upholstery tool and a 15” flexible hose, which makes it excellent for wide coverage. The hose makes it suitable for cleaning without having to turn the machine, while the upholstery, which is 4-inches wide, allows you to clean in a few passes.

This extractor also comes with a very powerful onboard heater which helps to eradicate up to 99.9% of the bacteria present in the depth of your carpet. More so, you can work with the tank’s capacity (3 gallons) and get enough hot water for cleaning the entire office or room.

The Lite II has four wheels rubberized coating which helps to prevent carpet or flooring damage. The front-wheel has locking mechanisms to keep it from bending or stopping. This feature allows convenience while using the extractor.

The back wheels are large enough to allow you to lean the extractor backward for support. And you can keep your tools within your reach in the handy wire basket attached to the handle of the extractor.


  • The Mytee Lite offers both the faucet and bucket filling options
  • It has a 1000 watt onboard heater which can heat water up to 210 degrees in minutes.
  • It is suitable for commercial, domestic, and automobile detailing.
  • It is equipped with a 15’ flexible suction hose
  • It comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty


  • The machine carries an electrical cable that makes contact with the wheels.

Overall comment: The Mytee Lite II offers durability, superior performance, and longevity. It works efficiently for all carpet cleaning tasks.

6. Bissell Big Green BG10 Professional Carpet Cleaner

Another great product from Bissell is the BG10. This is one of the best commercial carpet cleaners that are equipped with a two-tank system. Therefore, it holds the clean and dirty water separately. The dirty water reservoir is above while the clean water tank is on top with an indicator at the side to show when to refill.

However, the BG10 weighs 40.2 pounds and you may have to deal with moving it up and down the stairs. Yea, it would have been more difficult to move it on carpets, but thanks to the large wheels. More so this machine has a 10-inch path and it can be a bit of work to get around office furniture.

Lastly, this carpet cleaner has an adjustable handle that you can customize to your height.


  • It has two tanks that are removable for refilling and emptying
  • It comes with an upholstery kit that helps for cleaning above-floor areas
  • The handles are rounded for easy grab and you can fold them for easier storage


  • The cord is just 25-ft which is quite short
  • It is bulky and clunky

Overall comment: The Bissell BG10 is good for both home and commercial cleaning operations. It can be terrific for plush carpets, but the large wheels make it easy to push.

7. Detail King Durmaid Detailer 1700 Heated Carpet Extractor

You can use this carpet in all auto detailing scenarios. It is the best option for keeping the interior part of a vehicle looking pristine and new. Yea, it can be hard cleaning the interior part of a vehicle, especially when you don’t have the right tools to use. But the Detail King Durmaid Detailer makes it very easy and saves you a lot of time.

This carpet extractor is portable and has a sturdy handle that is comfortable to hold. You can carry this machine easily from your home to the car park garage, and you can store it in your closet.

More so, it comes with a built-in heater that helps you remove all stains, odor, and bacteria all at once. You can use it to clean the car carpets and seats, apart from the upholstery, floor mats, and stairs. This machine is the best option for all car owners.


  • It has exclusive removable spray-tips which permits different spray modes
  • It comes with a 1700 watt onboard coil heater
  • It has very long pressure hoses and vacuum for wider reach
  • It is small but highly efficient
  • It comes with up to 10 years warranty


  • It can be quite expensive for some people

Overall comment: The Detail King Durmaid Detailer 1700 is the best option for cleaning and maintaining the look of a car’s interior.


Congrats! You can now make your choice from the best commercial carpet cleaners in 2021. You don’t have to spend much time deliberating about the ideal device anymore. All you need to do is look at the properties as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each of these best cleaners and decide which will help you achieve that professional touch and feel.

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