6 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Counters

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In case the kitchen is the main place in your home, then it is most likely one of the most unorganized rooms in your house. No wonder the mail accumulates here and the condiment collection occupies all the spaces leaving no room for meal preparation. In case you wish to arrange your kitchen and make it a tidy place to cook, prepare meals, and eat, then these tips should be able to assist you in organizing your kitchen countertops and minimizing all of the clutter which inevitably takes so much kitchen space.

1. Keep Everyday Kitchen Items Together

Cooking utensils which you use regularly such as serving spoons, spatulas, and can openers should be kept together in a place you can easily have access to. Put them in a decorative pitcher or a durable vase to make that spot a major home décor statement.

2. Arrange Your Kitchen by Putting Cookbooks In A Basket

If you are the type that enjoys cooking and has several cookbooks, but nowhere to keep them, or perhaps they are taking up excessive space being kept in a corner, why not utilize a basket? Baskets are suitable for organizing cookbooks and keeping them together in a single place. It helps in eliminating clutter on your countertops and giving you a good amount of space for all your cookbooks. Also, they help in decoration. What better way to organize your kitchen countertops?

3. Carryout an Inventory Rundown

Ensure you go through every item on your kitchen countertops and choose what stays in your kitchen, what belongs to a separate room, and what item gets tossed. You will be amazed at how much cleaner and organize your kitchen countertops will look.

4. Utilize a Mail Organizer For Every Paper Clutter

Is there paper cluttered on your kitchen countertops, making it hard for you to get sufficient space to work? A brilliant way of storing essential paperwork in your kitchen is by keeping it in a good mail organizer. This helps in keeping all your vital paperwork organized and easy to locate. Just ensure you go through it regularly and throw out any paperwork you don’t need or simply file it away.

5. Keep Soap On A Cake Stand

Keeping soaps by your kitchen sink can be very visually unpleasant. Plus it seems like irrespective of how much you try making them neat and clean, someone else comes behind you and moves them, thus scattering them all over your kitchen sink. This is the main reason why using a cake stand for storing your kitchen soap is a brilliant idea if you want to arrange your kitchen.

6. Put baskets underneath kitchen cabinets

Install a rod on the wall space between your countertop and cabinets and use it for hanging storage baskets. Storing your utensils, spices, and small dish-ware in a manner that is classy and convenient is also an essential tip if you intend to arrange your kitchen countertops.

Final Remark

There are several ways to arrange your kitchen countertops and keeping them free of clutter. The 6 tips mentioned above are some of the best ways you can arrange your kitchen, thus making it easy for you to enjoy a well clean and tidy kitchen space.

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