The ultimate 5 best blenders on the market in 2022/2023

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You can imagine how lovely it is to make your blend of drinks from the comfort of your home. Yea, it is so much fun because you can use a high-quality blender to control all of the ingredients needed to make healthy drinks from milkshakes to smoothies, to blended cocktails. You can also determine the right amount of milk, fruits, or health supplements to add to your drink. But in all these, you need one of the best blenders in 2022/2023 that comes with many interesting features like speed, portability ,Mid-range & Premium Class Blenders and more.

If you have one of these best blenders in the market, you don’t have to waste your money on those expensive processed drinks in the grocery store. Yea, you can prepare nutritious beverages in simple steps from the comfort of your kitchen.

People who are fans of smoothies love them for the many health benefits that come with them- from being high in fiber to being a weight loss aid. With so many benefits packed into just one drink, it is no wonder that people have found great success in using blenders as a healthy addition to their diets.

However, it can be a daunting task to search through the hundreds of blender models in the market just to get the best that will fit your needs.

There are three main types of blenders, immersion blenders, personal blenders, and conventional blenders.

  • Immersion and personal blenders: These blenders are used for specific functions like quick meal preparation. They are affordable and save a lot of space, but they are less powerful compared to the conventional types.
  • Conventional blenders: These blenders are powerful and useful for many daily needs. They are larger with stronger motors for heavy tasks, but they take up more space and are expensive to buy.

You can make lots of mistakes if you’re not properly guided to the best blenders in the market. That’s why we decided to do the research for you and bring you the 5 best blenders to buy in 2022/2023.

We will show you the interesting features, advantages, and disadvantages of each of these blenders. So all you need to do is to check them out and pick the most appropriate choice for your blending purposes.


  • How We Selected the 5 Best Blenders to buy in 2022/2023
  • Best Blenders to Buy in 2022/2023
    • Ninja BL770 Kitchen System
    • Vitamix 5200 Blender
    • Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender
    • NutriBullet 12-Piece Blender NBR-1201
    • KOIOS 800W Immersion Hand Blender

How we selected the 5 Best Blenders to buy in 2022/2023

We interviewed many contacts and home users and conducted a thorough analysis of the reviews of the hundreds of blender models available in the market today. Below are some of the points we considered (which you should also consider) when choosing the best options in 2022/2023:

  • Power: The motors of the blenders are an important factor that determines how strong, fast, and efficient a blender is. We looked at blenders with the high-powered, efficient motors of as much as 1500 watts that can blend nuts into smooth nut butter and crush ice into snow. We also considered mid-powered blenders and less-powerful blenders for lighter duties.
  • Working space: We looked at blenders that don’t take up much space, as well as those b bulky options that offer more volume and power for heavy duties.
  • Speed: We looked at models that come with multiple speeds as well as those that have one speed. Some models come with additional presets, which combine specific speeds and time.
  • Price: We considered the most affordable options that come with better features and motors
  • Pitcher: There are many blender pitchers in the market. Some are made of glass, some with thin glass, while others are made with high-end plastics. We selected the best blenders in 2022/2023 with the best pitchers.
  • Cleaning Ease: The cleaning procedure also matters when using a blender. There are designs that can self-clean and those you have to wash by hand. However, we selected the best blenders in the market that are easy to clean.

5 Best Blenders to Buy in 2022/2023

Now, let’s take a look at the 5 Best Blender models in the market having the best features and functionalities. Without much ado, check them out below:

1. Ninja BL770 Kitchen System

The Ninja BL770 is one of the best blenders you can find in the market. It comes with a high-powered motor and an additional part for food processing. The blender is 9.5 inches deep, 7.5 inches wide and 17 inches tall. With this size, you would need to keep it on an open spot, like your kitchen table or island.

More so, this blender comes with a 3-speed switch, 1 single-serve preset, and 1 pulse function, which allows you to pulse at a speed that is appropriate for small jars. The machine is also powered by a 1500-watt (2-HP) motor base; however, the motor only turns when the lid is locked on.

The accessories include one 64-ounce (8-cup) food processor bowl with a safety lid and one 72-ounce (9-cup) pitcher. These hubs are removable and they have multiple blades which work for blending purposes instead of the conventional blades fixed at the base. This makes this blender design perfect for handling large loads, like mixing for 2 or 3 people. However, when you work with a small load, you will get better-minced food.


  • The Ninja BL770 has a good accessory package
  • It has a strong motor
  • It comes with a safety lock
  • It comes at a competitive price


  • It needs extra space to store all the extras
  • It is noisy and less efficient for heavy tasks

Overall comment: The Ninja BL770 offers a good balance between costs and utility.

2. Vitamix 5200 Blender

The Vitamix 5200 wins lots of people over with its excellent power, durability, and simple controls. This blender represents the brand’s high-quality craftsmanship. It is 88.8 inches deep, 7.3 inches wide and 20.5 inches tall. This means it is quite tall for the average cupboard.

The 5200 peaks around 1400 watts (2 horsepower), but it also has an overload safety function. So the motor automatically shuts down to prevent damage if the blender is running too much. More so, this blender comes with a premium stainless steel blade, which can help you turn your fruits and vegetables into silky beverages like creamy sauces and smoothies in a matter of seconds.

The pitcher sits on top of the motor base and can hold up to 64 ounces (7.5 cups). A spill-proof rubber lid fits tightly onto the top of the pitcher, and a drop-in hole is present in the middle of the lid to allow adding more ingredients while mixing. You can also pass your tamper through this hole to push down the contents when necessary.

Also, this blender has a dial that allows you to control the 10 speeds of the motor. It comes with a mode switch to change between Variable and High option. But this blender lacks the pulse function. The Variable is recommended when you want to chunk bits in your salsa and the High is the suitable settings for most drink recipes.

To clean the blades and the pitcher, you can pour in some water and a little dish soap to allow the parts to clean themselves. However, you’re to wash the tamper and the lid with your hands.


  • The Vitamix 5200 is simple to use
  • It comes with a strong motor and quality materials
  • It is efficient for heavy tasks


  • It is not dishwasher-friendly
  • It is expensive

Overall comment: The Vitamix 5200 has reliable performance, but costs more than most standard kitchen blenders.

3. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender (BL660)

This blender is one of the best blenders to buy in 2022/2023. It is the less-expensive version of the blender-Ninja BL770. However, it still comes with a strong motor, cups, and a pitcher. The base is an 1100-watt (1.5 HP) motor, and you can switch between 3 speeds, 1 single-serve preset, and 1 pulse function- which are unique for the single-serving jars.

The blender has two-ounce jars and one 72-ounce (9-cup) pitcher, s screw-conventional blade, and two to-go lids. The pitcher works with a removable blade hub, and it works well with loads occupying more than half the capacity. However, you will have a better blend if the batch is small.

To clean the blender parts, add warm water and a few drops of dish soap and wash thoroughly, but be mindful of the blades – they are very sharp.


  • The Ninja BL660 offers sufficient power
  • It comes with a competitive price
  • It has a safety lock and it is dishwasher safe


  • It makes a lot of noise
  • It is not efficient for heavy tasks

Overall comment: The Ninja BL660 has adequate power and functions for its considerably-low price.

4. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece Blender

When it comes to portability, the NutriBullet NBR-1201 is the best blender in 2022/2023. It is 8-inch wide and 12-inch tall, and it carries a 12-piece package. More so, it is relatively cheap and you can use it for making your daily single-serve smoothie. The cylindrical “bullet” shape makes it easy to store in the cabinet.

However, the base is just a 600-watt motor and it’s not that strong. That’s why it is recommended that you add liquid in the middle of your blending – even if you’re dealing with vegetables or soft fruits.

The 12-piece package comes with two-18ounce cups (one has a handle) and a 24-ounce cup.  There are two lids and two lip rings. So you can take the cups on the go and drink directly from them.

Different owners comment that the lips rings make things less annoying and prevent spilling. The cleaning procedure is also effortless since all removable parts are dishwasher-safe. However, it is advisable to soak all parts well and rinse them properly before loading them.


  • The NutriBullet NBR 1201 is compact and comes with a good accessory package
  • It is reasonably cheap and simple to use


  • This blender is noisy and needs liquids in the middle of the blending.
  • It is not suitable for heavy tasks

Overall comment: The NutriBullet NBR-1201 is affordable, highly efficient, and easy to use. This makes it stand out as one of the best personal blenders in 2022/2023.

5. KOIOS Powerful 800W Immersion Blender

This blender is versatile handy equipment that helps you do more tasks even at a cheap price. This makes it one of the best blenders in 2022/2023 that draws the interest of many cooks.

This blender comes with five items in the box: one pitcher, one hand motor, one blending wand, one processing bowl (with one S-blade), and one mixer whisk. All these features attach to the hand motor except the pitcher.

The 800-watt hand motor powers the whole blender, and the well-balanced base makes it incredibly stable. The power button starts the blender, but you can adjust the 12 speeds with the speed knob.

The blade of the steel wand is coated with titanium to enhance strength, longevity, and reduced friction. More so, the head has grooves that reduce splatter. The pitcher holds 20 ounces and is built with a splash-guard lid; the wand blends the mixture through this lid. However, if the pitcher is too small, you can use other containers like a bowl, your favorite soup pot, or a different pitcher entirely.

The KOIOS 800W also has a 17-ounce food processor bowl, and the motor is on top of the bowl. This processor can grind roasted nuts and chops vegetables nicely, and the S-blade inside only works with the bowl.

One of the interesting features again is the mixer whisk attachment that is connected to the hand motor. You can use it to whip eggs, cream, or butter, but you just need to watch the splatters and speed.

However, note that wand of hand blenders like the KOIOS 800W cannot handle tough ingredients like frozen fruit or ice. And you’ll splatter liquid everywhere if you lift the head of the blender out of the liquid.


  • This blender is cheap and easy to use
  • It is multifunctional and comes with a strong motor


  • It does not produce consistent results
  • It is not suitable for heavy duties

Overall comment: The KOIOS 800W and its accessories are great for many handy tasks and it comes at an affordable price. But it doesn’t work for everything.

Last Words

You don’t have to stress yourself out over which blender to buy anymore. We have compiled the list of the best blenders to buy in 2022/2023 that is built with the latest materials and latest technologies. However, while looking at the prices of these blenders, try to focus on the functionality and what suits your kitchen functions. Also, consider the simplicity and your needs when buying the best blenders in the market.

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