4 Easy Steps to Plant a Vegetable Garden

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Learning to plant your own vegetable garden is the most rewarding thing you can do especially if you love spending your time in the kitchen.  With your own garden, you can harvest some nice seasonal fruits, herbs and vegetables after every few months. This is not only an interesting thing to do on the side but it will help you save a few bucks and having to drive for miles to the grocery store to get vegetables you need to prepare meals. For that reason, we are going to discuss some of the 4 simplest ways you can put up your own vegetable garden.

How to Plant Your Vegetable Garden in 4 Steps?

1. Decide the Plants You’d Want in Your Garden

This the fun but most essential part of the entire process. Knowing the plants, you’d want in your garden should be easy. All you have to do is make a list of the recipes you mostly make in your kitchen. This will help you to identify the vegetables as well as the herbs you require from time to time. This will not only help you know which plants are of higher importance to you but will also help you know the quantity you will require to plant. Also in this part, you can write down some of the favourites that your family prefer even if you may not be using theme frequently in your recipes. You can also involve your family in this process. Mostly you can ask the kids what they would like to grow in the garden fast-growing plants like lettuce and beans give noticeable results fast which is a great choice and motivation.

2. Choose Where to Set-up Your Vegetable Garden

Your garden location is very essential as there are a few key things that are a must. This includes;
  • Adequate direct sunlight for at least 6 hours per day
  • The location should have easy access to a water source. This is because you will need to water your plants regularly especially during the sunny and hot months.
  • The garden should also be easily accessible. Since your garden needs to be cared for from time to time, let the location make it easy to bring along the tools. If the garden is too far from your home and you have to carry the tools for a long distance, you are very likely to neglect it.

3. Prepare the Garden Beds

Identify where you would like to situate the individual beds in your garden. In this step, you need to pay attention to the orientation of the sunlight throughout the day. To create the garden beds, many people swear by amending and tilling the soil beneath after removing the layers of sod. This method definitely works but it requires a lot of work. Therefore, you can instead use the Lasagna Gardening that gives you incredible results and you only have to put in half the effort.

4. Start Planting

When the beds are ready, start working on the planting process. With the garden beds, you can opt to sow the seed directly to the soil or start your seeds indoors before bringing them outdoor. Also, you could opt for already established transplants. You just need to know which method of planting best fits which plants. Ensure you have in mind the growing requirements of everything in your garden so that they have a better survival chance.

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